From an early age, I was a builder, a maker, a tinkerer.  My lego collection was epic, and my room was constantly evolving.  I’d watch my dad in his workshop with an eagle eye, taking in every ounce of proportion, angle, and technique.

Like many makers, my first client was myself.  Need, design, and my DIY mentality led me to put all of those childhood experiences into practice.  Through trial and error, I developed my style and technique, and have been putting them to use ever since.

With a background in Production Design for the film industry, I bring a wide variety of tastes, and knowledge of style to every job, adapting my skills and taste to my client’s needs and desires.  

My personal style leans more towards the masculine, woodsy type, the reinvention of Modern Lodge.  I also believe that we need to be more playful and whimsical in our spaces, and always try to instill this motif into every project I work on.



Jerrod Littlejohn 

310-770-8995 jerrod@jerrodlittlejohn.com

San Francisco  Los Angeles