Design - Build


What do you dream of your space doing for you? 

Whether it’s a simple TV stand, or a heater cover, or a full room remodel, your space and the things in it should work for you, they should cater to your whims and wants.  They should reflect your life, style and attitudes.  And rarely will you find this in a catalog.

Think outside the catalog.

I find that some of the best design ideas, the most unexpected choices, and the most useful aspects in a room, come from the person who lives in that room.  When you give a person the opportunity and permission to dream, and the ability to work with someone who can help design, hone and engineer that dream, a wonderful sight emerges.  YOUR home, YOUR space, YOUR comfort.  Not just what a catalog told you to buy.

I don’t believe that custom work should be prohibitively expensive.  I can work in a variety of budget ranges, instilling the work with creative solutions when budgets run tight.  Let’s work together to come up with your next little dream corner, bedroom, garage, office...