When the sun has gone down, the lighting in a room sets the tone.  During the day, the design acts as sculpture.  A successful piece achieves both.  I have created a line of lighting that I hope you will find accomplishes this, while seeming effortless and cohesive to a modern aesthetic.  They are all one-of-a-kinds, each hand-made with strict attention to detail.  

My design aesthetic of nature mixed with the modernity of our human world, the Modern Lodge, continues in my lighting designs.

I like to combine natural pieces with reused lumber, wild shapes with lucite, incandescent with energy efficiency.   

While I do have lamps on hand for sale, I can also create a custom lamp to fit your needs.  Size, color, finish, type of light, and style are all on the docket.  Just tell me what your needs are, and I'll build a lamp to fit all of them.